The house of wonderful



“I had some pretty daring and adventurous ideas for the website of my new business The House of Wonderful. Specifically, with the creatively playful tone I wanted to uncover and express, but I simply had no idea where to begin in writing the words!

I knew what I was hoping to achieve but at the same time, anxious in finding someone who would understand and make sense of my fairy-tale focussed vision! It was a big relief meeting Lin, who provided me with generous servings of creative genius and encouragement, but also a very reassuringly calm and inspiring expertise.

I quickly realised I needed to fasten my seatbelt, as we sped away on her jolly rollercoaster of creativity! She positively confronted and challenged my ideas and as if she had a little magic-wand tucked away in her back pocket, the words for the website literally bubbled and popped to life in front of my eyes.

It was a very surreal but exciting moment as she became my personality and voice through her words. The written content way surpassed my dreams and the door to The House of Wonderful opened, with rave reviews. I so loved the experience!”

– Peter Merrett –
House of Wonderful Founder


Peter Merrett, Sydney
Invigorating organisational cultures

Project Description:

From a multi-award winning career as a luxury hotelier to much-loved speaker and business genie, Peter Merrett is captivating hearts across the globe with his magical take on business culture and customer service.

Peter is on a quest to help organisations of all shapes and sizes find the missing currency of prosperity (Passion, Positivity and Purpose) by investing in the emotional success of their people.

When we were given a wide open brief to help him create his website copy, we were thrilled and terrified. It was a memorable ride. Joining a team which included a super talented videographer/photographer and web designer, the end result pops with personality and superb messaging.

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