“We needed copy for our new-look website, but found it difficult to turn the lens on ourselves internally. The process was beginning to draw out, so we considered external assistance. When we found Wordish, we felt they were in tune with our creative approach. We just had to try them.

The initial conversation was very useful in getting across our vision for the copy and to force us to consider our own ‘why’. The first draft was very close to what we wanted to see with only a few amends needed, which was a great time saver. Lin is a fantastic listener. As she understood the industry, she understood our vision quickly and was able to translate that into words brilliantly.”

–¬†Anton Williams –
Founder & Managing Director


Tenbonbillion, UK
Creative agency for global brands

Project Description:

Digital marketing agency Tenbonbillion was overhauling its website and needed a fresh outside mind to shape its copy.

A lot of base information already existed. So instead, we focused on finessing the agency's style and voice and underlying business ethos. Over several intense sessions, we were able to flesh out the distinct hallmarks of the Tenbonbillion brand.

The resulting copy is simple, edgy and vibrant. Teamed with visually arresting web design, the site is perfectly positioned to captivate the lifestyle, events and sporting clients the agency loves to work with.

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