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“If you’re in the business of ordinary, then Lin’s not the content writer for you. As the founder of marriage proposal business Pitch & Woo, I was thrilled to discover that Lin did just that – pitched and wooed with the fun, gutsy press release she crafted for me.

We had a fantastic response from the media. Love her work!”

– Jonathan Krywicki –
Creative Strategist & Entrepreneur


Pitch & Woo, Melbourne
Extraordinary marriage proposals

Project Description:

Pitch & Woo is a boutique business that orchestrates out-of-the-ordinary marriage proposals. We worked with creator Jonathan Krywicki on different branding elements, including his 'elevator pitch', bio and client brochure.

For his press release, we drew on the unique flavour of Jonathan's business with copy that oozed personality and colour. A PR agency managed the highly successful publicity campaign.

Pitch & Woo has since been featured on television (Channel 10's The Project and CNN), radio (Melbourne's 3AW), various newspapers and industry magazines.

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