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“Over the last 13 years, I’ve tried to find someone to create a website and tell my story. I knew my products and services were great, but I didn’t have the confidence to write the site myself.

I needed someone to capture what I wanted to say in a way that flowed and made sense. This is how I found Lin. She’s not only finessed the art of writing, but has the ability to interview people and extract just the right information.

Lin spent a lot of time understanding Money Orchard – and going through all my ramblings to come up with a script. The finished website is a huge relief and something I’m very proud of. I couldn’t have done it without her!”

– Craig Richards –
Money Orchard, Director & Founder


Money Orchard, Sydney
Mortgage elimination and wealth creation

Project Description:

It may be hard to fathom how someone can run a well-established, successful business for the better part of two decades, without having a professional website to go with it. That's precisely the scenario we encountered when we met the highly likeable founder of Money Orchard, Craig Richards.

It wasn't due to a lack of effort, as we quickly discovered. Over the years, Craig and his team had actually spent a small fortune trialling different website companies, but all failed to deliver a site that successfully captured Money Orchard's story and unique offerings (either from a visual or content perspective).

To say that he was at the end of his tether would be an understatement. Of course we wanted to help.

First, we recommended a fantastic web design company we knew and then got busy building new copy, from scratch. A big and wonderful part of this project involved listening, really listening, to Craig's vision for his business. Then putting it together piece by piece in a way that was real, easy to understand and had muscle. The trust Craig entrusted in us was priceless.

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