Hayley Carr

Hayley Carr

“Lin was a standout to me, not just because her words resonated with my own language, but I could tell instantly she had an eye for design – incredibly important for a copywriter who’s working with a web designer. I was upgrading my website, and was looking for support on my long-winded descriptions, and help to find my ‘voice’.

Yep, she was more expensive than the other copywriters I spoke to, but she was – as Beyonce would say – “worth every dollar, and worth every minute.” She’s fast, very very reliable, I never had to chase her up, in fact, she followed up on everything swiftly with me, and best of all, she made the process really enjoyable.

I find copywriting personally to be like pulling out my own teeth, and Lin made it feel like a walk in the park. This was an elevating experience. 10/10, highly recommend. Thank you so much.”

–¬†Hayley Carr –
Life Coach, former Karate Champion & Lady of Inspiration


Hayley Carr, Digital Nomad
Life Coach & all-round Lady of Inspiration

Project Description:

Hayley Carr is a radiant embodiment of 'the power of small'. Her life trajectory has been wildly eclectic: 9-times world karate champion, architect, actress, health coach and adventurer.

Today, as a longtime life coach and inspirational speaker, she breathes by the ethos 'Beautifully Unstoppable'. We met Hayley when she was ready to do something brand spanking new with her website.

Our mission was to tie it all together. Over several months, we played different roles as editor, writer (for some sections), proofreader and overall oracle. As Hayley is a natural gem of a writer, it was crucial for us to keep as much of her unique voice as possible.

The results speak for themselves.

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