Clik Clik



“Lin and I worked together to craft a series of blogs for my start up venture Clik Clik. I needed these articles to be authentic and unique – and Lin certainly delivered.

She doesn’t sugar coat things but is warm, creative and a consummate professional.”

–¬†Joe McIntyre –
Entrepreneur, Technologist & Creative Strategist


Clik Clik, Canberra
24/7 appointment bookings

Project Description:

Our partnership with Clik Clik began when it was a humble start up. The business basically acts as a digital receptionist or portal where people can book and pay for appointments online 24/7. Once Clik Clik's website went live, we partnered with CEO Joe McIntyre to conjure up a series of blogs.

Their purpose was twofold: for Joe to share his many professional insights with the entrepreneurial community and to help drive traffic to the site.

This 'Mavericks and Mongrels' blog is typical of the series as it's intimate and slightly irreverent, with great take-away messages.


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