We are passionate about offering professional copywriting services to creative entrepreneurs so they can pursue their passions. When it comes to content writing, we’ve noticed our clients tend to experience these stumbling blocks.


So you think you can write.
Most of our clients ooze talent, passion and a mega hard work ethic. The down side is they think they can do the brand marketing side of their business as well as juggle finances, staff and everything in between. Trying to do too much can end in procrastination, or feeling frustrated and stressed.


If you feel like a slave to your business.
So you’re a creative entrepreneur who’s ardent about what you do but don’t know when to switch off. You’re working around the clock, or at least that’s what it feels like. You’re getting burnt out because you’re not consciously taking time out.


If you’ve got an identity crisis.
What happens when you don’t know what your business stands for? Many clients flounder when asked about the who, what, where, how and why of their brand. When you lack intimacy with your own brand, or even worse, you’re too close to have perspective, it’s a slog to get things right.


If you’re being a control freak.
Some people chuff along quite nicely being their own marketing machines. But every now and then, a one-off project comes along with a lot riding on it. At these junctures, refusing to delegate is potentially risky. Don’t squander the chance for greater exposure. Or to cement your brand reputation – and save time and money.

[in-tel-i-juh nt]

quickness of understanding,
sound thought or good judgement;
alert, bright, quick of mind.


  • The Write Stuff

    Time to call in a pro.
    With Wordish, you’ll build your brand with credible, refreshing content that ignites interest – and action. You’ll also be able to access a copywriting service inspired by more than 15 years in the biz. From content writing to big-picture communication strategies, from pinpoint pitches to creative brainstorming, we’ll make your business our business.

  • Speedy & Smart

    Get traction on action.
    We create quality content quickly and deliver within agreed deadlines, saving you invaluable time and energy. We’ll help you gain fresh perspectives and smart strategies with minimum fuss, so you can get to all the sweet things in life…time with your family or kids, a new adventure or much-needed chillax time.

  • A Tall Poppy Be

    Shine with definition.
    You’ll get step-by-step guidance on how to extract the stand-out elements of your brand. By asking the right questions and getting the right answers, we’ll weave together a well-stitched story, a compelling pitch and a unique value proposition to supercharge your brand and entice prospective clients.

  • Personally Tailored

    Delegate for great impact.
    Wordish can step into your life at singular moments to deliver one-off but key projects. You may, for instance, need a brilliantly crafted press release to get the exposure you deserve. Or savvy copy to match the visually stunning website you’ve spent a small fortune on.



  • This package is for creative entrepreneurs who have taken a giant leap to owning a website. The aim – to accelerate your market profile with outstanding copy matched by a great look and feel.
  • Free consultation
  • 1-page piece
  • Website copy (5 pages)
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • 1 brand marketing session (30 mins)
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  • This is a flexible package with the lot. The aim – to make your life easier and your brand remarkable through a long-term partnership with Wordish.

  • Free consultation
  • A new project of your choice
  • 2 round of revisions
  • 1-page ongoing monthly piece (for up to 6 months)
  • 1 ongoing monthly brainstorm (30 mins each for up to 6 months)
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Don’t see what you need here? Contact us and we’ll customise a package for you.

“I started working with Lin when I urgently needed a bio within a very tight timeframe. With her ‘can-do’ mindset, Lin was able to process a considerable chunk of information efficiently and effectively, producing a final product that I was extremely happy with.

Lin’s follow up post project was also impressive. Overall, her pleasant demeanour, attention to detail and above-and-beyond approach make her an absolute gem to work with.”

Clare Voitin
Owner & Founder of Scarvelli Café

What To Expect

So you’d like to work with Wordish?
Here’s what happens now.

  • Encounter

    It’s a big world out there. That’s why when two parties somehow connect (whether face to face, on the phone or through cyberspace) it’s a big deal. At least, we think so. In some parts of Africa, they clap their hands or snap their fingers before greeting each other. The Eskimos rub noses. When we find each other, we can just say ‘hi’.

  • Hunt & Gather

    One of our clients describes herself as an ‘information archaeologist’. That’s pretty much what we do in the second stage. We ask you questions. Plenty of them. About everything, from your preferred tone and style to itty bitty details about you and your business. You’ll send us stuff to help us uncover who you are, and what you stand for.

  • Dance

    OK, the research is done. Now the fun part. We get to kick up our heels and dance around the fire a few times. This means either we know exactly where we want to go with things, wave our Wordish wand, then voilà, out comes our grand plan. Or maybe we agree to do something different. Stretch a bit. We see surprises as opportunities.

  • Harvest

    This is the bit where you get to kick back and we get cracking on the content. We write and edit. Finesse things for flow and functionality. We bounce things back and forth. We ponder and discuss and review. After the copy is as sharp as can be, and both parties are happy, we celebrate.